32-NorthOver this past weekend, 32 North Brewing officially closed it’s satellite tap room in Liberty Station in Point Loma.

Opened in May of last year, 32 North’s ten taps apparently found themselves out of their element amongst a clientele that seemed more interested in alcoholic beverages favoring grapes instead of hops.

First entering into the San Diego craft beer scene in October of 2014, it appears that there’s been less than smooth sailing for the Miramar based,10-BBL brewhouse located in a 10,000-square-foot facility featuring a 12-tap tasting room. Currently working with their third head brewer, which seem to have rotated out in almost as many years, 32 North may be finding a challenge in establishing that hyper-local base of dedicated regulars that many San Diego craft breweries rely on.

According to an article appearing in WestCoaster, 32 North intends on redirecting efforts and resources formerly dedicated to the Point Loma satellite into a barrel-aging facility/tasting room concept that will stand on it’s own, as opposed to existing in a shared space where management didn’t have full control over the space.

Whether or not this ship is able to plot a steadier course and navigate it’s way into calmer waters, only time will tell.

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