This whole thing started because I occasionally fancy a craft beverage or two…

I would hazard to guess that by now, most of us have experienced a few sessions where we sat around with friends, had a couple drinks and plotted “the next big thing”. Everyone exclaims, “Yeah! We should do that!”. Then everyone goes home, sleeps it off and nothing ever gets done. C’est la vie…

Well, that’s pretty much how Inside The Craft got started but when the memo came out the next day that everyone else was going back to their regular lives, I just crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.

While the project has certainly morphed along the way as I graze the limitations of what can be accomplished by one insomniac fueled by a lean mixture of caffeine and alcohol, the mission has always remained the same:

Get behind the beer.

Inside The Craft is simply one man’s seat of the pants quest to explore the craft beer landscape with a camera (or two) in one hand and a pint (or seven) in the other. Unscripted, unrehearsed and as raw as a 55lb bag of two row malt, I do my best to give the beers and the people who brew them a platform where they can present the public at large with a craft experience that transcends the limitations of the glass in front of them.

Together, we will make sure the world knows why San Diego is indeed the craft beer capital of the civilized world.

Na zdrowie!