Another craft beer short designed to wet your whistle for things to come, Inside The Craft caught up with Jenny and Trey Seaboldt at Helm’s Brewing where we hung out with them for a B.I.Y. session. Aspiring home-brewer or just looking for a good time over a few San Diego craft beers, the Brew It Yourself project is a great way to kill an afternoon with fellow followers of the craft…

From the Brew it Yourself website:

Brew-It-Yourself is sponsored by Helm’s Brewing Co. When you brew with them, you will be brewing in their state of the art, production brewery. Which means, while you brew you will be enjoying a variety of San Diego’s best craft beers on tap, along with the awesome atmosphere that Helm’s provides.

Jenny and Trey, co-founders of B.I.Y. Brew-It-Yourself, are a beer loving husband and wife team. These San Diego natives fell head over heels for the local craft beer scene, which quickly lead them to a serious home-brewing addiction. After essentially turning their home into a mini brewery they began looking for a solution to the never ending equipment collecting, limited storage space for said equipment collection, and lack of funds for what else…more cool/totally needed brewing equipment! And so, B.I.Y. Brew-It-Yourself was born.

Check out more about B.I.Y.

Find out more about Helm’s Brewing.

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