While just slightly outside the scope of the Inside The Craft series, we went ahead and took our production team out for a spin in order to help out our new friends at Brewery Igniter and the first official benefactor of their turn-key brewery program, Pure Project Brewing in Miramar. Good times were had by all 🙂

What is Brewery Igniter?

The brainchild of HG Fenton, this first of it’s kind offering was proudly brewed up special right here in San Diego as a means to fast-track the aspiring craft beer entrepreneur onto the road to prosperity by minimizing the three biggest hurdles the typical brewery startup faces:

  1. Huge and often prohibitive outlay of startup capital
  2. Risk levels sufficient to drive away traditional investors
  3. Time to profitability which can tank a brewery before it even gets started

Recognizing the intense financial and logistical challenges which the typical home brewer/brewery entrepreneur may not be prepared to deal with, HG Fenton created the Brewery Igniter program to help aspiring brewers SUCCEED.

Pure Project Brewing is well on their way to being the poster child of success for this innovative, turnkey brewery startup program, having gone from leasing to the pouring of their first pint of craft beer in less than six months. A process which normally requires a year to eighteen months and hundreds of thousands of dollars using more traditional approaches to starting your own brewery.

Look for three more Brewery Igniter fueled breweries coming to North Park in 2016, namely Eppig Brewing, Pariah Brewing Co. and The San Diego Brewing Co., then it’s on to North County 😉

See you at the taps!

Na zdrowie!

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