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There’s a Story Behind Everything

Tip-Tour is an innovative new mobile app that allows craft beer enthusiasts to experience self-guided tours and tastings at San Diego’s craft breweries and wineries via short stories that users can view using their mobile devices.
Tip Tour App

Quality Control for Your Brand

In addition to enhancing the visitor experience, Tip-Tour provides craft breweries with the ability to feature their beverages in the most compelling and consistent way possible by capturing brewers (or preferred brand ambassadors) in their own words, talking about the products they love. Never before have breweries been able to present each and every visitor with the inside stories behind their brews right from the source. Show your patrons the passion behind what’s in their glass and educate them on what makes it great…

Tap Into Consumption

With Tip Tour, you’ll increase customer engagement and ensure that your brand is represented in the most consistent and effective format available. You’ll also have access to new features that Tip-Tour introduces, including online reporting that will give you greater insight into who your visitors are and what their consumption habits are.

How Much Does it Cost?

That’s the best part… Because Tip-Tour is currently gathering content for their soft launch in the San Diego market, they’re absorbing production costs for up to six videos per brewery for a limited time. This means one overview video outlining the general story behind the brewery and up to five videos focusing on individual, flagship beers you want the public at large to get familiar with.

Video Examples


• How do I get my videos featured on Tip Tour?
Simple… Drop us an email at breweriesOnly[at]insidethecraft.com or fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a production session.
• How long does it take to shoot six videos?
As little as 45 minutes if you’ve got it together and are comfortable on camera.
• Suppose I want to do more than six videos?
Larger breweries with multiple locations will be considered on a case by case basis.
• Can I use the Tip Tour videos on my website?
Yes! If you’d like to use the Tip-Tour videos on your website or across any social media platforms, please send an email to salesandmarketing@tip-tour.com with the name of your organization and a very brief description of where and how you’d like to use the video. Tip-Tour will promptly review your request and get back to you.
• Can I produce my own videos for use on Tip Tour?
For the sake of continuity all videos are currently being produced by Inside The Craft. If you’re interested in creating your own videos for Tip-Tour, please send an email to salesandmarketing@tip-tour.com and they’d be happy to discuss it with you.
• What’s the catch?
No catch. The only thing Tip Tour requires for participation is conspicuous placement of at least one Tip Tour sticker on your front door or window alerting patrons to the availability of the app.
• I still have questions and want to talk to someone!
Call ’em direct! 203.413.2432

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