Without question this is one of the highlight craft beers (IMO) since starting the series. Special thanks to Ben Acord (formerly of Mikkeller SD, formerly of Finest Made Ales) for pulling this gem and sharing it with us.

bells-expedition-stoutNormally I try to remain focused on local, San Diego craft beers but as I’ve opened up the selection process to other panelists in an effort to develop my own palate, pretty much anything goes. Thank God…

Thankfully this episode when off pretty smoothly compared to the the shenanigans experienced earlier in the week and with a little luck, next week should be some of the best stuff yet. Not only in beer selection but in production value as well. I’ve got another setup in mind for getting everyone mic’d up so that hopefully we’ll be getting clean audio all the way around.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for Bell’s Expedition Stout because whether you like the show or not, the beer is just frickin’ killer if you fancy Russian Imperial Stouts. In fact, even if you don’t I would suggest you still give it a try.

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Na zdrowie!

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