Port Brewing High Tide IPA

port-brewing-high-tide-canIn a session wrought with errors and missteps, today wasn’t much better πŸ˜€ While the Port Brewing High Tide IPA was absolutely fantastic by all relevant accounts, both natural, as well as technical blunders continued to plague us.

It started with Chewie the Wonder Mutt going to town on himself for what seemed like the entire episode (out of eye shot from where we were sitting so no one stopped him) and finished with one of the cameras dying with about 5 minutes left in the episode.

With all the extra batteries I have I guess I’ll just have to chalk it up to another hard lesson learned.

On the bright side, this episode moved along at a better clip than some of the previous which, is keeping with what was an original goal form the beginning. No more thirty-minute episodes sputtering about things no one is interested in πŸ˜€

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Na zdrowie!

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