As I continue working to improve the Craft Beer Budz experience, I realized that while it doesn’t do much for SEO in my post titles, I think it better to keep the entire experience as blind as possible until the reveal…

In other words, nobody (except for me) knows what we’re drinking until all opinions have been exhausted and the ratings are in. And when I say ratings, I mean we’ve abandoned our high-tech thumb driven system in favor of actual numbers. Talk about a giant leap forward 😀

I think a total blackout keeps things totally objective and hopefully, a little more suspenseful for the viewer. Yeah, we’re no Hitchcocks here and I’m not expecting anyone to be on the edge of their seat chewing their nails down to the nub but it seems more fun keeping everyone in the dark.

Different format this week, better lighting and the introduction of a couple of new participants… Cousin Vinnie went back to Maui and “Cameraman Mike” was on hiatus so I found another Mike on the FB group SD Beer Friends to fill the gap. Chewie The Wonder Mutt also makes his debut later in the week when he escapes and is returned by my next door neighbor…

Still a work in progress with some really exciting things in store for next week but I think we’re making great strides.

As always, if you want to be part of the show, subscribe on YouTube and leave a comment explaining to us why you would be a good pick to come out and drink some craft beer with us.

Want to recommend a beer? Hit us up here or on any of the Inside The Craft Social Media outlets and we’ll be happy to accommodate. 😉

Na zdrowie!

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