Swedish-brewerys-Shower-Beer-designed-for-shower-drinking-and-conditioningFor the most part I focus on San Diego craft beers but this one was just too good to pass up…

In case you haven’t already heard about the shower beer, just know that yeah… It’s a thing. If you do a search on YouTube or Google, you’ll be sure to find out more than perhaps you care to know about this bathing with a beverage phenomena.

Enter Swedish brewery Pangpang and in what I can only assume is a marketing stunt, they’ve come up with… Wait for it… Shower Beer.

Seriously? If you’re going to pay a marketing firm to work on something like this, wouldn’t you at least want a cool name like, Belgian Bathing Suit, The Swedish Shower Sour, or maybe the Privy Pale Ale? I guess if you want to take advantage of the existing hashtag for social media/SEO purposes, going with the rather obvious Shower Beer might make sense but still…

As for the multitasking part, that’s the particularly noteworthy item about this craft shower sauce (oooh, that would have been another good name). Shower Beer actually doubles as a conditioner for your hair. Described as a “sweet but strong pale ale”, brewer Fredrik Tunedal says, “The beer is heavily hopped with citrus, and has a citrusy, soapy, and somewhat herbal profile…”, which is supposed to be ideal for enhancing the bathing experience and conditioning the scalp.

The first batch apparently sold out in minutes and there’s a second run planned that will be made available in the US and the UK. Though I dare say that Tunedal may want to rethink the glass bottle before sending his 10% ABV bath-brew over here. Something about the combination of soap, alcohol and glass combined in a ceramic tub sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Then again, I guess if you’re going to break glass all over your bare feet, the bathtub’s the ideal place to do it. It’ll confine the blood to a manageable area and as long as you’ve kept yer bathroom clean, it will probably minimize the chance for infection.

Skål! 😀

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