C’mon now… Just one look at the picture tells me that even if this technology didn’t work, I still want one.

Unsure whether this thing is actually an industrial-strength growler or a tiny, cleverly disguised thermo-nuclear device, The Hendrix Keg is easily the coolest contribution to local craft beer this consumer’s seen for quite some time.

From the website:

The Hendrix Keg is designed to use like a growler and operate like a mini-keg.  This is accomplished by fusing a keg and a regulator into one nice compact unit and using a small CO2 cartridge.  Now you can fill up the keg with beer, insert a CO2 cartridge, set the pressure, and pour when you’re ready.  With the Hendrix Keg your beer will stay flavorful and carbonated until it’s gone.

the-first-growlerHendrix will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund this little number in the near future and you can sign up on their website to stay informed on how this technology is progressing.

When these things come out, think of the conversation starter this bad boy will be when you sidle up to the taps at you local tasting room of choice. You’re either gonna make some new friends really fast, or find yourself on the business end of an AR-15 courtesy of the local S.W.A.T. team.

Either way, think of the stories you’ll have to tell over the fresh local beer you’ll be able to enjoy at home if you make it there alive 😀

And to think the first growlers were nothing more than a galvanized pail…

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