Brian-Mitchell-Pariah-BrewingI don’t normally like to open an article with a block quote because it isn’t really aesthetically pleasing on the layout but… This one is yuuuge…

“Most of the beers we’re going to be brewing I have presented to an employer at one time or another and which I was told I was stupid and I was not allowed to brew that…”

Sold… Count me in. As much as I hate the term, I officially became a Pariah “fanboy” based on that single declaration. For better or worse, when someone tells me “no, you can’t do that”, I want to rise up and jam it in their face. Not with any kind of physical violence but rather with a constructive demonstration of achievement that exposes their ignorance. Based on our recent conversation, Brian Mitchell is exactly that same kind of guy and Pariah Brewing is clearly the manifestation of that mindset.

A musician since the age of 12, Mitchell started out “pursuing the dream” and spent some time touring with bands on the East Coast until the usual trials and tribulations associated with life on the road with individuals engaged in varying levels of addiction took their toll.

Perceived to be a “beer snob” from the start for having Killian’s Irish Red on his rider while bandmates were drinking Coors Light and Jaegermeister, brewing ultimately became Brian’s outlet for scratching his creative itch once the whole music thing had run it’s course.

And scratch it he does…

Pariah-Brewing-Off-White-WitThe only beer that was actually ready to drink when we met was Pariah’s Off-White Wit… A Belgian style infused with green tea (among other things) that was thankfully lacking in the whole banana/clove experience that normally steers me away from the genre. Comparatively light and crisp to what I’m used to from Belgians, it would be easy to knock down quite a few of these in any given session.

Conveniently wedged in between SDBC and Epigg Brewing, Pariah will complete the trifecta in the Craft by Brewery Igniter complex in North Park when they open their doors to the public this Saturday. Starting at noon, there will be three sessions throughout the day but the evening session from 7-10pm is already sold out. You can get tickets to the earlier sessions here:

Look for more with Pariah Brewing on a future episode of Inside The Craft, coming soon.


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