Fearless-Fifty-LabelGiven the fervor around Green Flash’s recent layoff’s, a situation perhaps even compounded by their reluctance to make any kind of definite public statement, I thought this might be an ironic choice to put up for review. What with the whole “Fearless” thing ‘n all.

I normally don’t buy my beer from Trader Joe’s because nothing there seems to ever be refrigerated. I know that doesn’t matter with some styles but given the choice, I just feel better picking up a bottle that sweats. That said, it was hard to ignore the mountain of red-labeled bottles that had been strategically placed right at the point of egress the last time I went shopping. Guess they knew I was coming…

Intrigued by the formidable display, a closer look revealed this “collaboration” beer from Green Flash celebrating Trader Joe’s 50th anniversary was marked “A Saison-Style Ale Brewed with Rose Hips and Sweet Orange Peel.” Okay, I thought… This sounds like something that should be able to handle room temperatures without too much ill-effect. And, at $5.49 for a 22oz bomber, I wasn’t really taking any kind of a risk. Certainly not like the one I took with that Alesmith number I found the week before…

The particulars:

  • 5.5% ABV
  • 10 IBU
  • Saison Yeast
  • El Dorado Hops
  • Rose Hips
  • Sweet Orange Peel

To me, the most important question always is, would I have another? Heck yeah…

This is what I like to refer to as one of those gateway beers for folk who might be wary of the whole craft beer scene for fear of experiencing something overwhelming. This, is not that. And in a good way.

Pours light and crisp with a fair amount of carbonation and a head that dissipates quickly. The label description is right on the money, citing a malty character balanced by the fruity El Dorado hops. Beyond that, I only got a hint of Rose Hips with the Sweet Orange Peel leaving a nice dry, citrus tang on the back end.

I’ll be grabbing a couple more of these puppies next time I go back 😉

Na zdrowie!


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