The fermentation continues 😉

fermentationSo many people seem bent on perpetuating the idea that 2016 was some kind of crap salad but life is what you make of it. Chances are that if you had an unpleasant year, you need look no further than the mirror to figure out what went wrong.

For us (or I should probably just go ahead and say, “for me”), 2016 was an awesome growth experience where I was able to learn the finer points of the dos and don’ts of establishing the Inside The Craft (ITC) brand within the San Diego craft beer community. As with any learning experience, of course there were some missteps along the way… Beers spilt, glasses broken (both in vessel form as well as the ones on my head), and maybe even a few feelings hurt along the way. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

All things considered, I’m chalking up 2016 as a victorious one. I met a shit ton of cool people in the industry, drank a shit ton of killer beer and even managed to make a few decent videos along the way. In fact, in the closing months I bit the bullet and went ahead and upgraded a bunch of equipment, the most noteworthy being a pair of Panasonic GH4s which gives me both 4k capability and some pretty sweet, in-camera 96fps slow motion… Stellar for sexy beer pours and a whole host of other aesthetic pleasantries. Yes, progress has been made and things are moving in the right direction.

With all of the lessons learned in 2016 it seemed fitting to better present them in a more respectable fashion, so here it is… I’m happy to be rolling out the new ITC website for 2017 and while I’m still on the fence with the new logo, I think the site overall is bitchin’… It’s still going to take a few weeks to get everything dialed in and I’m still dealing with organizing the content but even while development continues, it’s feels like I’m already light years ahead of the old site. Life is good and the beer… Even better 😀

In addition to the new design I’m going to be making a real effort to update content on a daily basis this year. It’s impossible for me to post new videos every day but I’m going to be pulling in stuff from around the web and authoring more original articles as well. There will be a more diverse offering of video features as well but again, it’s just too much work to get something fresh up every day because I’m just not the vlogger type. I know there’s a lot of “kids” on YouTube making a fortune with daily posts where they’re basically shooting a selfie on steroids as they go about their day but if I can’t stand looking at myself all day, why would I expect anyone else to?

Bring it on 2017, let’s get this party started 😀

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