Let’s face it, local craft beer is under attack by the macro “super-breweries” that are attempting to gobble up everything in their paths. Here in San Diego, first it was Saint Archer, seemingly purpose built with a sellout to MillerCoors in mind, then there was the billion-dollar head fake executed by Ballast Point, who announced their intent to go public with an IPO and then only weeks later sold out to AB/InBev for FU money. Now, AB/InBev is back with their recently approved plans for a 10 Barrel (Oregon based) brew pub installation into the heart of San Diego’s East Village… If that’s not bad enough, “Big Beer” is even going after distributors in an attempt to regulate the flow in our hoppy umbilical cords from start to finish.

Get Behind The Beer By Going Inside The Craft

At Inside The Craft, we believe the counter strike begins with education through increased visibility. As Mike Hess put it, “…the craft beer community needs to do a better job getting out to the public, ‘what is craft beer and why is it different, and why does the support of brands that are no longer craft hurt craft brewers?”


Here at ITC, we’re dedicated to providing San Diego craft beer brewers with an online platform where they can tell their stories, pimp their beers and give you the inside scoop on what makes the craft beer scene in America’s Finest City a thing of world renown.

Come one, come all… Let’s “Get Behind The Beer”…

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