Troy-Craft-Beer-Budz-SetIn the this, the seventh installment of the new Inside The Craft series Craft Beer Budz, we learn the difference between consuming our favorite craft beers from a bottles vs in the taproom at the brewery, Chewie The Wonder Mutt makes his escape and Matt comes up with a good operational change we’ll be implementing from here on out with the ratings system.

In the meantime, I’ve enlisted the help of my neighbor, Troy and his badass wood shop to help me improve the set with some old wood I had lying around the garage. Progress is slow, but steady. The worst of it all being that I haven’t had time to update a lot of the other content on the site but with a little luck I’ll get caught up this week and things will get back to normal in a couple days.

As always, if you want to be part of the show, subscribe on YouTube and leave a comment explaining to us why you would be a good pick to come out and drink some craft beer with us.

Want to recommend a beer? Hit us up here or on any of the Inside The Craft Social Media outlets and we’ll be happy to accommodate. 😉

Na zdrowie!

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