Craft Beer Budz - 001

While my love for the mini-documentaries Inside The Craft produces featuring San Diego’s craft beer breweries and the people who make them tick remains as strong as ever, its become painfully obvious to me that they’re simply not enough.

In the online universe that is Google/YouTube, content is king. One need not be a trained web developer to understand this. Without getting too technical, the online behemoth is an insatiable glutton. The the various algorithms, bots and secret sauces implemented behind the scenes respond best when you’re constantly adding and updating content at regular intervals. Feed The Beast, or risk laboring in anonymity for all eternity…

Modern-Times-Blood-Orange-FruitlandsGetting your content promoted in an “organic” fashion requires (among other things) constant activity, much like treading water. The minute you stop flapping your arms, you start sinking. While there’s no guarantee of stardom based on activity alone, you’re not doing yourself (or your brand) any favors by not implementing some kind of consistent schedule where you’re adding new material on a regular basis. Without this, your content will likely founder… Unless of course, you’re an undiscovered Scorcese and everything you upload goes viral. (Hint, this is the exception, not the rule).

The bottom line is, I can’t possibly churn out quality brewery profiles with a frequency sufficient to satisfy the appetites of consumers and Google Godbots alike. Hence, Craft Beer Budz was born…

While I’ll continue producing brewery profiles (which I’ve only been able to manage one per month when things are going smoothly), Craft Beer Budz is a fun little project I can “turn and burn” out of my garage with relatively little muss and fuss.

The concept is pretty simple… I’m going to be reaching out via social media to find random folks willing to come out to my “studio” in North County to participate in blind taste tests of local craft beers. I’ve got a lot of other plans for the show in the queue as well but I’ll be getting more into that in the near future as things develop.

In the meantime, the first impromptu “screen test” edition was fired up this past Saturday. I placed a brief add on and had a couple of relative strangers (we exchanged emails but prior to that we didn’t know each other) jump in with me on our first shoot.

While things didn’t work out 100% as planned (“Cameraman Mike” is not, in reality a cameraman at all so a lot of the b-camera wasn’t useable) but overall we had a great time and things will only be getting better from here.

Think you want to be on the show? Subscribe to the Inside The Craft YouTube channel and leave a comment expressing your interest and why we should have you. The goal is to establish a rotating cast of regulars combined folks we meet on social media who want to drink some beers and have some fun on camera on a Saturday afternoon…

Enjoy! We certainly did 😉


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