Pure Project in Miramar has been around for about seven months now, six of which arguably spent preparing for the release of their first barrel-aged sour, Roes Red. Head brewer Winslow Sawyer is a big fan of the genre so, eager to get the barrel program up and running ASAP, Roes Red was one of the very first beers brewed on their newly minted Premier Stainless system back when they first got their license.

“There’s a little more leeway on the mash temperatures than if you’re trying to make a nice IPA. Most of the magic happens in the barrel rather than the stainless so the wort base is a little more flexible. As long as you have your grains right, especially for a Flanders red sour which has a very complex malt build, it [the temperature] doesn’t matter as much.”

In other words, a brand new system has to basically be road tested to make sure everything is dialed in and working properly and the more forgiving nature of a sour destined for the barrel is the perfect beer for the job.

Side note: I was able to preview this tasty beverage because after all, SOMEBODY had to consume that which was poured for the video so… You do the math. While sours were never my go-to preference, between this Roes Red and some stuff I’ve tried from Stumblefoot and Toolbox, I’ve really come around on the style and make sure they get worked into my flights now at every opportunity.

I’m not sure which barrel my particular bottle came out of (watch the video if you don’t get it) but it was definitely fruity up front but without being overbearing and super crisp with a dry finish. Easily something I would drink on a regular basis if the availability only permitted. As it now, bottles are only available via a lottery system…

Get some 😉

Na zdrowie!

Update – This Tasty little number took Bronze in the 2016 GABF for Belgian Style Lambic or Sour Beer category!

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