One of the challenges in producing our craft beer features is trying to fit everything in without turning the production into the sequel to Logistics. Unfortunately, this means a lot of otherwise worthy content ends up on the cutting room floor. One comment in particular offered by Jon Avella that didn’t make the final cut but needs mention (especially because it applies to yours truly) pertains to their default raison d’être which he summed up with a common quote from new “regulars”: ‘You know, I’ve been driving by here for five years or whatever and I never stopped in and I stopped in the other day and I’ve been in three days in a row because the food is so good and the service is great, not to mention you’ve got fifty great beers on tap…’ “That’s what we do it for. It’s building that rapport with our clientele.”

churchills-pub-burgersAs far as myself and the crew at are concerned, I think I can speak for us all when I say, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I was aware of Churchill’s forever but just never stopped in, mainly because my focus has been on the breweries themselves and not so much on the brew pubs. After sampling some of their goods I can say that I’ve joined ranks of the true believers. The food is amazing, the tap list is amazing and the service staff is top notch. You can tell they’re actually glad to be there and are ready to educate you about every aspect of just what it is they have to offer. Killer beers, premium cocktails, a formidable wine list and food that will find your eyes wide in disbelief the first time it’s placed in front of you.

All these fantastic offerings under one roof come complete with literally five different ways to enjoy them. You can sit at the bar, find yourself a table in the main room, snatch a booth off to the side if you’re looking for something a little more intimate, grab a table outside if fresh air is your thing, or finally, take a seat by one of the three fire pits for the tribal campfire vibe.

As near as I can tell, Publican Ivan Derezin is spot on when he says, “If you leave here without liking SOMETHING that we’ve tried, you’ve got something wrong with you.” Strong words? Maybe, but I defy anyone to go and prove him wrong. Even if you’re a vegan (which Derezin himself professes to be), you’ll find something worth going back for.

Na zdrowie!

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