setting-sun-sakeWith so very many craft beer breweries here in San Diego (and more on the way in 2017), finding “something different” should be a pretty easy reach. Especially with folks like Mikkeller announcing their intent to drop a new release from their Miramar tasting room every Saturday!

Sure, I’ll single them out because we’ve got them featured on the front page with our conversation with Mikkel Bjergsø, Peter Zien and Bill Batten on the establishment of their brewery in the old Alesmith facility on Cabot Dr., but there’s PLENTY of other folks in town droppin’ new brews like Odell Beckham Jr. was droppin passes against The Pack this past weekend. But I digress…

For something COMPLETELY different, there’s Setting Sun Sake, who took up residence in Beeramar just late last year and are already making quite  name for themselves.

From the website –

“We are taking on the next frontier in the craft-brewing world. Inspired by music, art, and food, we make sake that we want to drink. Using locally sourced ingredients and a house blend of yeast, we bring you craft sake for the next evolution in craft brewing. Dedicated to friends, family and craft.”

Reportedly the only purveyors of dry-hopped sake known to mankind, you can get the full story from Ian Anderson over at The San Diego Reader.

Banzai, Daniel-san!!!

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