Another signature brew for the gang at, I spent some time with Alex Pierson at Amplified Ales in their new brew house tasting room located at 9030 Kenamar Dr., Suite #309 in Miramar to have a few beers and a chat about their foray into the San Diego craft beer scene.

After roughly four years of tripping over hoses in their cramped, 3bbl brew house behind the bar at their PB location, Amplified hooked up with the folks at HG Fenton to take advantage of their Brewery Igniter program in an effort to increase capacity and satisfy thirsty patrons who were tired of them running out of their favorite beers.

From the Amplified website:

“Head brewer Cy Henley & Director of Brewing Operations Jeff Campbell focus their efforts on hop-forward West Coast style ales, sessionable ales and lagers, and a variety of unique, experimental batches.”

If you happen to find yourself at the PB location, the Döner Fries and Kebabs are pretty epic too. There’s no kitchen at the brew house in Miramar but you can always grab something off one of the many food trucks they share with their conjoined, Brewery Igniter twin next door, Pure Project Brewing.


Soundtrack – “Wish I Didn’t Know” by Death by Unga Bunga

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