GrwlerWerks-Ukeg-128-cuAbout a week ago I ran into The Hendrix Keg and was was pretty blown away by not just the concept, but the borderline sinister appearance of “The Gadget” designed for the safe, secure and most importantly, fresh transport of your favorite craft beer. The only downside that I saw was the fact that it’s not yet available pending the launch of their KickStarter Campaign.

Enter GrowlerWerks and their equally impressive Ukeg… Though not quite as high-tech in appearance (the copper-clad offering presents more as Steampunk than, “Hurry, somebody call the Bomb Squad”), it certainly qualifies as another prestigious option to the typical vessels found at the local brewery.

From the website:

With vacuum insulated stainless steel, and our patented VPR Pressurization Cap, your beer stays deliciously cold, brewery fresh, and perfectly carbonated.

Available in both 1/2 and full 1-gallon capacities in either stainless steel or copper-plated stainless, the Ukeg is touted to keep your beer cold all day long and has a pressure gauge built right into the tap. Like the Hendrix Keg, the GrowlerWerks Ukeg relies on a CO2 cartridge to keep it “pumped up” so your precious cargo doesn’t go flat before you’re ready to imbibe.

Maybe when The Hendrix Keg comes out, I’ll be able to finagle a deal where I can pit these two against each other in a head to head comparison (see what I did there?) and identify which one really brings home the bac… er, beer…

Something tells me the performance here will be pretty competitive and for many, it may end up coming down to an aesthetic preference. The again, if you happen to be a craft beer consumer of means, you may want to have both on hand. One for the latest rare-barrel release and one for your favorite everyday IPA.

I’ll let you decided which is which 😉

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