The third installment of Inside The Craft’s new craft beer series Craft Beer Budz features Beatitude Raspberry Tart Saison by Council Brewing, Cameraman Mike’s penchant for going “against the grain” and saison yeast.

Beatitude Raspberry Tart SaisonThis particular episode features a decidedly different approach in post-production to minimize some of the “blowouts” (extreme whites that are overexposed) exhibited in the previous episodes. I watched the other two episodes on my regular TV (something I almost never do) and they struck me as looking pretty terrible. Hopefully this last round yields better results.

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If there’s a beer in particular you’d like us to review, we’re up for that as well. Go ahead and leave us a comment here, on YouTube and/or Twitter and let us know what you think we should be drinking.

Sill looking for that Fred Norris wannabe so if that’s you, be sure to hit us up 😉



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