Craft-Beer-Budz-Toolbox Saison Rustique Framboise

In the this, the eighth installment of the new Inside The Craft series Craft Beer Budz, we “unpack the sour” as we do a blind tasting of Toolbox Brewing‘s Saison Rustic Framboise with raspberries in an effort to provide contrast to last week’s episode featuring Council Brewing‘s Beatitude Raspberry Tart Saison. This kinda went right down the middle where two of our panelists still aren’t sold on sours, whereas Matt and myself were definitely fans.

Work continues on the set and I’m still figuring out the right combination of camera settings and color correction in post to get the look I want. Next week I’ll also be focusing on getting better sound because the mic setup currently in use just isn’t cutting it. Eventually we’ll probably mic everyone up individually with lavs but that just ain’t in the budget yet.

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Na zdrowie!

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