I don’t know where the quote originates but it’s been said that here in San Diego, you can trip going out the door of one brewery and finish your fall going into the next. In fact, I may have even done it once or twice myself going from Pure Project in Miramar to their “conjoined twin”, Amplified Ales, who is basically their mirror-image (in layout only) right next door. How convenient…

Both Pure and Amplified’s turn-key brewhouses were spawned from HG Fenton’s Brewery Igniter project and that fire has now spread to North Park.

eppig-beer-signConsidered by many to be the craft beer Mecca of San Diego, North Park is already a destination of choice for chronic craft cronies everywhere, but when Pariah Brewing Co. officially opens its doors on February 11th, it will round out the first location to have three fully functioning breweries on one piece of property. All of which getting a jump start via the Brewery Igniter program.

Sharing the “Craft Complex” at 3052 El Cajon Blvd. with Pariah are Eppig Brewing and San Diego Brewing Co. While Pariah and Eppig are brand-new (sorta… The first Eppigs were brewing beer in Brooklyn in the 1800’s but that’s another story), San Diego Brewing Co. has been around since 1993. Their brewpub in Grantville was the second brewery in town behind Karl Strauss but the North Park facility will be their first following the popular brewhouse and taproom model.

With three breweries under one roof, this craft beer trifecta could very well end up being both the starting and ending point of your next brewery tour if you’re not careful. The best part being that now, should you trip going out the door of one, you’ll actually have a choice as to which brewery you want to fall into next.

From the standpoint of convenience, I’d say this takes freedom of choice in North Park to a whole new level 😉

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